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ARTIL was born in 1972 as a reality craft specializing in sheet metal and in particular in turning in plate (forming) and is currently made up of about 30 production units. During the time, ARTIL has refined different processing, and stand out for quality and precision, executing bending, punching, calendering, welding, up to be in condition to offer the assembly of the finished product for customer’s request.

ARTIL pays attention to the fluctuations of the market and takes care to offer advanced services to the customers, as a laser work department where the modern two-dimensional and three-dimensional technologies are applied. ARTIL has become in time, a reference qualified for their customers, for professionalism and efficiency thanks also to the continuing investment that the family Nannini, father and son that cooperate in synergy, have implemented in a constant adapting to the needs of the market and thereby be a "subcontractor of confidence" but also "strategic partner" in the development and implementation of new products.

The production is located in the new establishment of Funo di Argelato (BO), covering a surface of about 4000 mq. equipped with every modern technology that makes ARTIL in a position to serve different product sectors: machine production for the food industry, plastic material processing, telecommunication industry, thermo hydraulic, until the working of ceramic and Farming machines production.

Point of force, the continuity in family management, the professionalism that from the father Giorgio to the son Matteo, that support one another for years, has created a team that combines the experience to innovation, making the company majority and modern, with a refined technology that guarantees a high level of production, recognized even economically by contractors. Certain to satisfy, with a constant search and update, your needs, please find here below the list of our machines more significant.

Artil Team